What is an Intervention?

An intervention is an orchestrated stoppage of time in the life of a ‘person-of-concern’ (POC/addict/alcoholic); an interruption in what has become a gradually escalating, chaotic lifestyle that has driven family and friends to realize if some new course of action is not taken very soon something far worse will occur. Often, an intervention is sought after a progressively worsening series of events, each if taken individually may have been tolerable, but when looked at collectively these events form a pattern of destructive behavior that lead family and friends to the realization that this lifestyle is unsustainable. Terrible things have begun to happen as a result of the chaos. Personal relationships have begun to sour. Horrendous acts on the part of the POC have begun to occur possibly resulting in property damage, legal problems or physical altercations. Arenndell works with families to help them understand how to set and maintain boundaries and move the POC toward recovery.